Scot Harvath Series

January 2, 2002 saw the release of The Lions Of Lucerne – the first novel by Brad Thor and also the first story in what was to become the Scot Harvath series.

Following the success of The Lions Of Lucerne, Thor released Path Of The Assassin the next year – the second book following the adventures of the former Navy SEAL who was now a Secret Service Agent.

Thor has since released many more Harvath books. Most of theseĀ are full-length series novels, but there are some short stories and Harvath also puts in an appearance in the Athena series.

On this page, we’ve put together two lists of all the books in Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath series. The first is a list of all the main series books in order, while the second lists any other stories and collections that he features in.

Both lists link to pages for each of his releases. Those pages contain the following information:

  • The date it was released
  • Where it appears in the series
  • A story description
  • The book’s cover image
  • A link to the novel or short story on Amazon where you can get a copy or read reviews if you want to see what other readers thought of it

Check out our separate page if you’d like to see a complete list of all Brad Thor’s books in order chronologically.

Scot Harvath Series In Order

  1. The Lions Of Lucerne
  2. Path Of The Assassin
  3. State Of The Union
  4. Blowback
  5. Takedown
  6. The First Commandment
  7. The Last Patriot
  8. The Apostle
  9. Foreign Influence
  10. Full Black
  11. Black List
  12. Hidden Order
  13. Act Of War
  14. Code Of Conduct
  15. Foreign Agent
  16. Use Of Force
  17. Spymaster
  18. Backlash
  19. Near Dark

Other Scot Harvath Books In Order

  1. The Athens Solution
  2. The Athena Project
  3. Collectors’ Edition 1
  4. Collectors’ Edition 2
  5. Collectors’ Edition 3
  6. Collectors’ Edition 4
  7. Free Fall
  8. Epilogue II