Brad Thor – The Lions Of Lucerne

The Lions Of Lucerne was the first novel released by bestselling author Brad Thor and is also the first book in the Scot Harvath series.

This story was originally published on January 2, 2002.

The Lions Of Lucerne book description

On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the unthinkable has just become a nightmarish reality: thirty Secret Service agents have been viciously executed and the vacationing president of the United States is kidnapped by one of the most lethal terrorist organizations in the Middle East – the dreaded Fatah.

But one man, surviving agent and ex¬≠Navy SEAL Scot Harvath, doesn’t believe the Fatah is responsible for the attack. Driven by his professional code of duty and honor – and a solemn vow to avenge his fallen comrades – Scot creates his own rules to get some answers.

But his search for the truth raises the blood pressure of his superiors…and casts his own life in mortal jeopardy. The deadly machinations have been set in motion by a shadowy coalition, comprising some of the highest-ranking officials in government and business – men who operate above the law, men who realize the threat Scot poses to their hidden agenda…men who will do anything to stop him.

Now framed for murder and on the run, Scot goes for broke and takes his own brand of justice to the unlikeliest place of all – the towering mountains of Switzerland. It is there that he finds an improbable ally in the beautiful Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney’s Office.

Together they must brave the subzero temperatures and sheer heights of treacherous Mount Pilatus – and enter the den of the most notorious team of professional killers the world has ever known.

Brad Thor The Lions Of Lucerne

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