Brad Thor Bibliography

On this page you can find a complete Brad Thor bibliography – a list of all his books in alphabetical order.

If you’d like to see all his books ordered by release date, check out our chronological list.

This bibliography has links to pages for each of Thor’s novels – on those pages you’ll find the following details:

  • When it was published
  • Which series it’s part of
  • A description of the book
  • An image of the novel’s cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon for you to read reviews or get a copy

Brad Thor Bibliography

Act Of War
Black List
Code Of Conduct
Collectors’ Edition 1
Collectors’ Edition 2
Collectors’ Edition 3
Collectors’ Edition 4
Epilogue II
Foreign Agent
Foreign Influence
Free Fall
Full Black
Hidden Order
Near Dark
Path Of The Assassin
State Of The Union
The Apostle
The Athena Project
The Athens Solution
The First Commandment
The Last Patriot
The Lions Of Lucerne
Use Of Force